Heroes lead your party in battle. They are capable of dealing the most devastating damage.

You'll encounter them as you make your way through the maps.

Agnar - Quick, easily annoyed, leader of the Ice Vikings. Command the very snow beneath his feet!

  • Use the Maniacal Snowman to deal big damage in one mighty blow.

Fang - Infamous and cunning. Command the fearsome Pirate Captain!

  • Be in control of El Perico to deal instant and devastating damage direct from the equator.

And Coming Soon...

Chairman Bao - The hero dog astronaut of a certain totalitarian nations failed space program. He may be a little space crazy, and he may crash a lot, but your opponents will suffer for his mistakes.

  • Protocol 7 will slowly drain massive amounts of damage from your opponents.

TDY-1000 - This cyborg teddy bear is friend to the Amish.

  • Charge up Abraham and rain electric death!

Melville - A hipster narwal who manages a fare-trade coffee shop that's so underground he himself has never heard of it.

  • He was using Ultimates before they were cool.

Katsu - Calm, collected, deadly. Fear this ninja and her control of Warbles!

  • 3 different stages of enemy defeat!
    • Stage 1: Steal mana
    • Stage 2: Block damage
    • Stage 3: Lay waste

Brains - This zombie makes his home in the graveyard. He may look scary, but all he really wants to do is dance!

Cinnamon Twist - A matador that's a freaking stick of cinnamon! She can dodge the deadliest of attacks with her swifts moves and trusty moustache (yes, you heard us right).

The Acolyte - Not much is known about this mysterious creature.

  • They Acolyte wields the might DEATHFURTER.