Every minion is equipped with a different projectile and a dfiferent power.


  • Bomb - deals an instant attack to your opponent.
  • Acid Barrel - deals damage over time to your opponent.
  • Buff Book - adds an attack or defense buff to one or more of your party members.
  • Curse Cauldron - decreases the attack or defense to on or more of your opponents.
  • Stun Taser - stops one of your opponents from casting their power for a period of time.


  • Basic Attack - throws your projectile.
  • Cannon - shoots your projectile out of a targeted cannon.
  • Slingshot - flings your projectile towards a targeted opponent.
  • Slice Attack - throws projectiles in the air for you to slice apart, dealing damage to your closest opponent.

Projectiles and powers can be mixed and matched to any number of combinations per minion. One minion may have a slingshot power that uses the bomb projectiles, while another minion may have the slingshot power that uses acid barrel projectiles.